One of the most distressing things for cat owners is being ignored by their cats. To be honest, you need not think that your cat hates you, mainly because you are not the only one who has to go through this. It is a matter quite complicated, and it would be worth looking into some important details.
Reasons Cats Choose to Ignore Us:
Before we look into why cats choose to ignore us, just keep in mind they have nothing against you: you’ll understand “why?” shortly. The reasons cats choose to ignore us are as follows:
1. Cats are not very Social.
Cats, in general, are not very social. Cats and dogs could be understood as the animal versions of introverts and extroverts, simultaneously. They will prefer coming to you once in a while, and sometimes they will prefer to be by themselves. However, unlike introverted humans, they find it no obligation to respond. After all, they are not bound by the moral standards of us people.
2. They respond only when needed.
Cats are a practical version of animals that deal with others as long as they need them. When they are not, they walk away. It may seem selfish, but understand that your cat is an animal, and it doesn’t understand that you need it for emotional support or to love once in a while. Therefore, they may seem to ignore you at times.
3. Cats didn’t Evolve to Obey us.
Unlike dogs, who have been trained for thousands of years to obey us, cats have not received any training throughout the centuries.
• History suggests that cats had domesticated themselves, and we can assume their cuteness and harmlessness contributed to that.
• Since they domesticated themselves, they never found the need to obey us, and that’s why they ignore us often.
In simple terms, your cat doesn’t see you as his or her “owner” that must be obeyed.
4. They probably aren’t Hungry.
If your cat is hungry, they will rush to you and be as clingy as one can be. It’s an extension of the fact cats respond only when needed. However, do not use it as an opportunity to keep your cat hungry because that is too sick and inhumane thing to do. Instead, feed them well and give them their space.
5. Communication is not a Cat thing.
We all know certain people in our lives that do not like communicating and prefer to remain silent. Cats are pretty much like them. Although they can respond and be clingy, their innate nature makes them prefer to remain silent.
On a side note, try to look at the behavior of a cat that grew amongst dogs; you’ll be utterly surprised.
Final Thoughts:
Now that you have understood your cat, you should not be sad or distressed. You cannot change what cats naturally are, but you can learn to live with that. That’s probably closer to a sincere love for your pet.