Although foxes are generally not considered ideal pets, they can be entertaining to have. They are friendly, jolly, and frankly, a little aloof, despite their cunningness.

However, not all foxes can be kept as pets, mainly because of local laws of the land or the very nature of certain foxes. Thus, it’s essential to know which foxes can one keep.

Foxes that are Legal and Feasible Pets:
Here are some of the foxes that will prove to be excellent pets for you and are legal to own in most parts of the world:
Silver Fox
It is probably the only breed of a fox that has been domesticated thus far. Therefore, they are legal to own, and you will not have an issue bringing them up. Years of domestication have evolved their nature, and they have turned out to be quite loving and loyal companions. You also won’t have to put a lot of effort into making them obey you.
Fennec Fox
Well, you rarely mention a fennec fox, and people don’t know about it.
1. They are foxes with beautiful creamy fur and extra-long ears that are just too cute.
2. You may not control your heart if you see them sleeping because they just look too cute for one to resist.
You cannot help but kiss and hug them with your soul.
Siberian Fox
Siberian foxes are also called red foxes and are an interesting pet to have.
1. They are very friendly and playful, but you will have to bring them up nicely.
2. If you tickle them, you can hear them laughing as if they are a full-fledged human.
They are also quite beautiful, which makes them a very famous pet to own for many exotic pet owners.
Swift Fox
Swift fox is a common fox you see in many fairy tales or children’s cartoons. They are the size of a domestic cat, so they won’t be a problem for you to handle. In anything, they will prove to be a lovely companion that will give you a time that’s worth remembering for the rest of your life.
Bat-Eared Fox
As the name suggests, they have an ear that resembles that of a bat. While that is true, their hearing’s power is pretty fine too, which can be an ideal pet for you if you want to locate things via sound (the question is, what sort of things?).
Kit Fox
Kit foxes are native to North America. They have beautiful eyes and look quite majestic if you look at them from a distance. Given that they are native of the wild, you need to bring them up very carefully for them to be ideal pets.
Final Thoughts:
There are some species of foxes that you may keep. However, what you require in all of these cases is substantial training right from their birth, especially those that have not been domesticated. You can spend good time with these foxes but you will have to be patience and give proper care to them.