Have you just introduced a new puppy to your home? Then you must have noticed that he or she is getting bittier as days are going by. Of course, these kinds of bites are innocuous at first and painful later on. Puppies tend to chew, play, and even investigate objects that’s why they use their mouths full of needle-sharp teeth.

These needle-like teeth will hurt humans when they go to play with the pups. After all, puppies tend to chew on people’s clothing, limbs, hands, and more when they get the chance.

In the beginning, you might have found this behavior to be cute. But as days go by this biting isn’t endearing. This behavior can get problematic if the puppy is more than seven weeks and getting bigger every day.

Puppy Eating A Shoe

So, now your main concern will be most likely to prevent your puppy from biting you. And you must be asking- how in the world can I stop this? Here’s how you can do it:

How can you stop your puppy from biting?

It’s important to ensure that your pet stops his or her biting or mouthy behavior. Now, there are multiple ways you will be able to curb this behavior but all of them involve you having to train your dog.

Teach your pup about sensitive skin

First of all, you need to teach your pup that people have sensitive skins and they can pierce that with their sharp teeth. Note that puppies aren’t dumb.

They are small but they can understand commands and also bits of what you are saying/implying. So, if you talk to him or her then after multiple tries, your pup will grasp this.

Play till the puppy bites hard

Now it’s time to teach your pup how to control and be careful with their mouths. Puppies who don’t know how to control their biting, tend to bite too hard even while playing. To teach your dog to control its biting power, you need to play with the pup and let him bite you.

You will need to continue the play till the dog bites hard. But when he does then you yell out a high-pitched help to show that you are hurt and make your hand limp. Feel free to win an Oscar with this scenario and send over the funny videos. Now, this should ideally startle your dog and cause the pup to stop biting hard.

Puppy Bite

If you find this yelp isn’t having any effect, then you should say- ‘You are hurting me!’ In a stern voice. You can then resume to play, but it’s important to drill this message into your dog. Of course, you won’t be able to get it done in one try. You need to continue training for days and get your hand bit multiple times as well.

You need to ensure that you repeat the message and show that you are hurt when your puppy bites too hard. 1-3 times every 15min intervals at least.

Enforce the hurt with time-out

Practice and say out loud that he is hurting you for an hour or so. But if you find that simple commands are not working, then you need to bring in time-outs. These are effective at curbing biting a lot.

In this method, you need to yelp, say that you are hurt, and make your hand go limp just like before. But since saying isn’t working so you need to stop play, remove your arm, and look away for about 20 seconds.

Now, if you find that if the puppy does it again, then you will have to physically getaway for 20 seconds. After that, you can return and encourage your dog to play again.

This exercise aims to ensure that your dog learns to play gently as the play stops once the pup bites too hard. So you will have to repeat this exercise multiple times till your dog learns the lesson.

Use a chew bone or toy

Puppies tend to bite on people’s arms and hands when they are patted, stroked, or scratched. So, if your dog gets riled up a lot when you are petting him, then distract your dog by giving little treats from another hand. This will surely help your dog get used a little by little to getting touched without it biting back.

Along with this, you should encourage non-contact plays like tug-of-war or fetch rather than rough play or wrestling that brings out aggression in your dog. For this, keep yours in your pocket or some nearby areas. So, the moment the pup starts biting you will have to redirect his or her attention to the toy.

Chewing Toy for Puppies

If the dog is biting your ankles and feet, then stop moving them and instead take out the chew toy and wave it in his or her face. Only if the puppy takes the toy shouldn’t you begin moving again. However, if you don’t have a toy with you then you need to stop moving at all till the puppy stops biting. Now, if the pup stops biting you then you need to praise him or her and give treats. The reward will allow your dog to associate it with not biting.

Of course, you need to practice these steps till your dog understands that biting = no play and no biting = treat. Also, make sure that you buy plenty of toys your dog can play with. Provide the puppy with variety. Take him or her to the pet store and let him or her select the toy they want.

If you feel like nothing is working, then it’s time to consult a professional and allow a dog trainer to train your puppy so that it stops biting. But overall, if you are training your dog, then you need to be strict but not aggressive.

Don’t punish or hit your dog! This is just going to have the opposite effect. Instead, be stern with your commands. Overtime your pup should learn to stop biting.

What puppy breed do you have?

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